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An introduction to the most effective garage door repair tips. These solutions really work. So, check out how to test the photo eyes, how to lubricate the components and clean the rollers.

  • Upgrade your garage door opener if your old one is too noisy

    If opening your garage door is extremely noisy, you may need the opener replaced. Modern openers are extremely quiet and smooth. You will feel the benefits of this improvement even more if you frequently come home from work late at night, or leave the house very early in the morning.

  • Lubricate components properly

    Lubrication maintenance is a relatively easy task but you must give attention to details. Pick good quality lubricants, clean well the garage door parts before lubricating them and make sure they are lubricated well. No need to overdo it. A couple of drops at each part would be sufficient.

  • Tip for Garage Door Windows

    If you have a choice then Garage Door Repair Sun City West would recommend that you ask for window panels. These should be located on the high side so as to maximize your access to natural light. This contingency plan means that you can easily convert the room into a study or living area when you need to do so. Ensure that you use reinforced material.

  • Clean the Rollers Regularly

    It is natural that the rollers accumulate the dirt and grease the most because of its main function. When the accumulation becomes too much, it will affect the smooth rolling up and down of the garage door. Technicians at Garage Door Repair Sun City West recommend avoiding the unnecessary trouble by cleaning the rollers as regularly as possible and apply proper lubrication for smooth operation.

  • Do the Photo Eye Test periodically

    Automatically opened garage doors have photo eye sensors. This needs to be checked periodically. You can do this by opening the garage door fully and trying to block the Photo Eye sensor with anything and try to close the garage door. Once the photo eye sensor sees the thing blocking it, it should reverse. Call your door technician if it does reverse.

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