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Proactive Garage Door Tips

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Proactive Garage Door Tips

We aim to help you ensure your door continues to work smoothly. That’s why we had our technician team put together this list of simple things you can do to minimize the chances of something going wrong. Scroll down to read more!

Conduct a monthly garage door inspection

A lot can happen during a month so make it a habit to inspect your garage door and the opener every thirty days or so, to ensure that any small fault or damage is discovered and taken care of immediately. Inspect the tracks, rollers and pulleys for signs of wear and test the safety sensors and the reverse mechanism to ensure they are fully functioning. Check the batteries in the remote and test the wall switch. Last but not least, examine the springs and make sure they aren't about to break. If you identify any problem, get our team to fix it before it worsens.

Don’t leave the garage door open half way

People are often tempted to open the door half way and leave it in this position for hours, either to let their dog or cat out or to air the garage. This is not a good idea. First and foremost – it's putting a continuous strain on the springs and the opener, which are holding it in place. Secondly – you might as well put up a sign that reads "come on in!", because all sorts of pests, not to mention burglars, could be tempted by the open garage door and may venture inside.

Upgrade your garage door opener if your old unit is too noisy

If opening your garage door has become extremely noisy, you may need to replace the opener. Modern units are much quieter and smoother. Your neighbors will definitely feel the benefits of an upgrade if you frequently come home from work late at night, or leave the house early in the morning!

Lubricate your garage door components properly

Lubrication maintenance is a relatively easy task but you must pay attention to the detail. Pick good quality lubricants, clean well the garage door parts before lubricating them and make sure they are lubricated well. No need to overdo it. A couple of drops at each part would be sufficient.

Clean the Rollers Regularly

It is natural that rollers accumulate a certain amount of dirt and grease during the course of their use. When this accumulation becomes too much, it will affect the smooth rolling of your garage door. We recommend avoiding operational hiccups by keeping your rollers clean and lubricating often.

Test Your Safety Sensors Regularly

Automatic garage doors always come with safety sensors today, which should be checked regularly. You can do this by opening the garage door fully and trying to block the sensors with something like a broom. If the door continues to close when something is in the path then it is likely that your sensors need looking at.


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