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  • Should I install garage door windows?

    Garage door windows are a great option and not just for aesthetic reasons. They allow sunlight to enter the garage and you won't have to turn on the light every time you go in to get something. Natural light will also make the indoor environment brighter and nicer, but make sure the frames and glass panels are high quality to avoid loss of energy.

  • Why do you need a garage door replacement?

    Although old garage doors are highly valued for their classic charms, they are no longer updated to provide optimum security and safety for you and your family. Units that are 20 years and older need to be replaced by an automatic garage door.

  • What can I do to prevent my garage door from freezing?

    You should definitely consider applying a bottom seal as well as weather strips to the sides and the top of your garage door. They should help improve your overall insulation. Be sure to also take care of any water spillage inside your garage, especially near the door.

  • How do I choose rollers?

    Make sure the diameter of the roller and the length of the stem are right. The size depends on the door's weight but the material is up to you. Nylon rollers are great for silent rolling but they won't last long. It's best to get zinc plated or stainless steel garage door rollers and stems to avoid erosion.

  • Q: What does R-value mean and how is it beneficial to me?

    A: The R-value refers to a standard measurement of thermal efficiency or to put it simply, it's the insulation value of the garage door. A low value indicates that the door may not be able to provide better insulation on cold days or remain cool on a hot day. Garage door repair experts recommend a minimum of R-11 in the Sun City West area but an R-14 is preferred if you spend a lot of time in the room just above the garage.

  • Q: What type of garage door is most suitable for my home design?

    A: Any garage door type can actually be incorporated to your home architecture, with the help of a variety of designed and decorative finishes that are suitable for garage doors.  There are also beautifully crafted wooden garage doors that fit perfectly to your home because they are fully customized and individually designed to tailor your requirements. There are also steel doors with decorative hardware options according to your liking.

  • Q: How do I clean my wooden garage door?

    A: First, you have to remove the dirt, chalk, and mildew by washing your wood door with diluted solution of mild household detergent. Second, rinse with clear water and let it dry. Daub eroded and thin areas with oil or alkyd primer. Lastly, do the finish coating. For your convenience, professionals at Garage Door Repair Sun City West  recommend regular cleaning of your garage door.

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