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Garage Door Springs

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Springs designed for garage doors come in various sizes. They provide balance to the door, and are necessary for lifting the door’s weight. The springs are necessary for the actual opening and closing of the door, and work in partnership with the door opener, if you are using an automatic door. Springs have a certain lifespan, and since they are used regularly, they are prone to damage. Standard springs last for about ten years, but it still depend on how frequently you use your garage door. Typically, you can expect 10,000 cycles from your springs. A cycle is equal to one opening or closing. This garage door part comes in two types, the torsion and extension springs. Our technicians can work with both spring types.Garage Door Springs in Sun City West

We handle garage springs in a professional way

Garage door springs should never be handled by individuals who do not have the right tools and understanding of these components. This part of the door is under extreme tension, and could cause serious injury when poorly adjusted. If you see signs that even one of the springs is broken, it’s best to have it inspected by a professional. This could be dangerous and cause more damage to the entire system. Replacement of torsion or extension garage door springs is a common service we render, and we recommend replacing both springs, since they come in pairs. 

If you need garage door spring replacement, let the experts at Garage Door Repair Sun City West do it. We work efficiently and can handle any garage door related issue. All our technicians are trained and experienced, so you can be sure your door system is safe with us. Our company understands the important role being played by overhead door springs, so we only perform to the best of our abilities. Once our representative arrives at your place, he is already armed with tools and supplies necessary for a fast work turnaround.

As you count on us for garage door repair, you will feel at ease knowing that you have a reliable partner. Starting from your call, a representative will keenly listen to your problem and refer you to a professional. Once our technician arrives, he will immediately evaluate the trouble and provide you with free estimate. Expect Garage Door Repair Sun City West to provide you the best solution for your safety and security.

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